Miss Tea - Her Story

Miss Tea here, firstly welcome to my website, thank you for visiting. I guess you’re here to discover all things about myself. Well, I am a 1960’s caravan who once cruised the coastlines as your typical New Zealand caravan. After being transformed into a fish n’ chip caravan, I discovered my new love, meeting new people, sadly that love was taken away when I had to shut up shop. That’s when Taylor and Chelsea came and saved me. As I travelled all the way from Hawkes Bay to the sunny Bay of Plenty, I knew my future was looking bright! After hours of hard work, they transformed me into the rustic, yet stylish caravan bar I am today and well not to be vain but I am one wonderful caravan bar.

A little more about me

So you’re probably wondering what do I offer? Well I offer my wonderful self styled ready for your special event, I also include glassware for up to 100 guests, two large glass jars to fill with your favourite beverages, fridges to keep your drinks cool, chilly bins to keep ice or spare drinks and my two friendly owners to disperse your drinks. All you need to supply is your tasty beverages, running water, and electricity. We can also help you work out the right amount of beverages for your special event!